The Coco Yogo Story

British-born with Caribbean roots, Turner Francis first discovered the diverse uses and healing properties of the coconut ​while living in Jamaica between the ages of 10 and 35-years-old. "We use coconuts daily in Jamaica", she says. "Coconut water is referred to as a heart tonic there."

Coco Yogo

In 2013, after returning to the UK, living in Hong Kong and finally settling down in Dubai, Turner embarked on the unexpected, coconut-inspired journey of ​launching a startup that produces quality, plant-based, raw coconut yogurt and desserts.

The seed for that business, Coco Yogo, had grown out of Turner's quest to find tasty foods that wouldn't aggravate her debilitating food allergies.

"I have been gluten and dairy-free for over 25 years. As someone who suffers from severe food intolerances I always struggled to find the right substitute. In my former life I ate copious amounts of dairy products, especially cheese, and I LOVED eating bread. Although I had all these intolerances, because of the lack of availability of many items, I always ended up eating the wrong foods when I was out, and this would lead to all sorts of digestive and health issues. As I got older I got fed up with constantly feeling unwell, so I found myself experimenting more and more with dairy and gluten-free options. The more I immersed myself in understanding the ins ​and outs of health issues caused by dairy and gluten, I began to think about all the possibilities that were out there for people like myself ", Turner shares.

It was while visiting the UK one summer that​ Turner discovered coconut yogurt, and​ vowed​ she would start making her own when she returned home to Dubai, as it wasn't available there.

Today, Coco Yogo is steadily becoming a staple of Dubai's healthy-living and foodie​ landscapes. "I often have to pinch myself. I sometimes cannot believe how many people are aware of my brand, and a number of shops are stocking our products", Turner beams.

Turner's customer-base has grown from individuals suffering from food allergies, to include ​an array of people who are committed to a healthy lifestyle and are trying to either eliminate or minimize their dairy intake. Coco Yogo gives them the opportunity to indulge in dairy-free desserts and treats without preservatives and other hidden additives.

Her mission for the business is to continue to expand its range of dairy-free grab-and-go offerings, while providing customers with the confidence and peace-of-mind that they are ​getting consciously-made products that are healthy, and completely allergen-free.

Turner proudly operates Coco Yogo (Coconut Yogurt Sweets) from a 100% raw, vegan kitchen which can be found at Shop 7, Mayfair Building, DIP 1, Green Community, P O Box 74656, Dubai, UAE. where she infuses utmost love and care into each product. For further details, please email or call +971 (0)50 858 2013.