Daily Diet

Good wholesome dairy free substitutes are are difficult to find off the shelf.  If you pay close attention to the list of ingredients you will find that these products carry a very insignificant proportion of the actual item.  One popular brand of dairy free milk is actually made up of only 8.4% coconut milk, along with grape juice concentrate plus other ingredients.

At Coco Yogo we make amazing dairy free treats that are densely loaded with real plant based dairy alternatives, that not only taste good, but are also good for you.


Coconuts by nature contain high levels of lauric acid. Smaller quantities are found in cows and goats milk. Lauric acid has a more positive effect on good cholesterol than any other fatty acid. Our cheesecakes and cream cheese are made from cashews, which help to maintain your body’s mineral balance with copper being the most abundant. Other minerals in cashew include magnesium, zinc, iron and potassium.

About Us Middle

Turner soon became fixated with​ perfecting​ her recipe and preparation techniques, testing her work by sharing with friends and coworkers. In October 2012 she decided to debut her first official coconut yogurt batch for sale at Dubai's Ripe Farmers Market. "I would do the farmers market every Saturday, and the more I got involved,​ I realised that this was my passion."

At first coconut yogurt wasn't an easy sell in Dubai. Turner recalls people questioning the authenticity of her dairy-free, coconut-only yogurt blends. Still, she kept at it and eventually added coconut-based cheesecake and ice creams to her list of offerings. She soon realised that not only was her hobby her passion, but that she had also begun building a budding ​business.

By January 2015 Turner took a leap of faith, ​left her corporate job and stepped into running Coco Yogo on a full-time basis. Instead of dreading the workday ahead as she did for many years, she says she is ​truly motivated by her business, bouncing out of bed early each morning to get in the ​kitchen, fill orders and take on ​the world as a "dairy-free diva".